We believed that Story-selling was an essential Social Conviction!

To us, Critical thinking is “the story-sellers secret” that is employed to resolve specific problems, while straddling between seemingly opposite contexts, inadvertently within irreversible transitions.



In a word, Kahaanighar is a “thought initiative” for exposure based excellence in an informal environment for underprivileged childhood. It’s an experiment for Behavioral Changes through Design thinking and storytelling as application led communication strategies. 

Once upon a time in a winter day of 2014…

Some years back while realizing that our life-stories are much required for nurturing childhood, we invented a place called “Kahaanighar”, in Patna where we continue to weave tales around childhood!” Painter Meenakshi Jha Banerjee and her design thinker husband Rony Banerjee, says so whenever they have been put to questions, how they spearheaded a social enterprise.

A scribe had once written, “The couple’s innovative story board ‘Kahaanighar is a unique initiative of binding childhood stories to enhance learning and imbibe cultural inheritances.

Kahaanighar was founded on November 14, 2014. Stories are unlimited here, expressed through narration, performances, workshops, movies, crafts or simple enactments or a candid chat! In its early days, Kahaanighar used to hold a story session every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm. Then Saturdays rolled down into Sunday mornings with films and childhood-centric activities.

Then one day in early 2015….

Varsha came up and said… ”I want to learn Maths!”. Without thinking for a moment, Rony said….lets rain maths!   (Varsha k liye ganit ki varsha !) ‘Varsha Ka Maths Class’, was destined for children who required it. “Varsha is a single parent’s child. Her mother works as a domestic household helper. She is bright and liked maths. she was finding it difficult to grasp what was being taught in the government school where her teachers had a different pace. She was developing a sense of fear! 

We felt, a dedicated session for Varsha and many other children like her was much needed. It started with volunteer teachers. We do not remember when exactly the Saturday-Sunday Kahaanighar became six days a week affair. It just evolved! Today, every evening almost 80 children of all age groups come to kahaanighar for learning everything.

Tutorial Classes…though it is not…

Parents who could not afford tuition for their children, somehow found a relief and started sending their children to Kahaanighar, while alongside this evolution, Kahaanighar started creating avenues to reciprocate with more learning opportunities. They needed it. Innovation happened through participation and indulgence. Kahaanighar emerged as a participatory forum to enhance experiential learning and imbibing cultural inheritances in children through exposures.

Parents feel that it is a tuition class for the children, however, till date, every bit of it is experience and exposure.

We never talk about modules, lessons, chapters, subjects, routine, examinations, excellence and curriculum at Kahaanighar.

Stories are ...unlimited!

Now there were films with guided interaction, different techniques to enhance thinking process and a full time everyday affair for experiential learning of basic sciences, languages and human interfaces as an integral part of the core activities around Children. This further paved a path for more research and more orientation towards learning and understanding education. The commitments and exposures started pouring out as "knowledge repositories”

The experiences and exposure that we came across in all these years , along with the accumulated "knowledge" , compels us to think beyond the boundaries of Kahaanighar now and enter into an extended arena where we can start initiating dialogues of change, with the children in the role of change-makers.  

Design ahead…

We have a little team of volunteers and a big fleet of children who would create the next Chapters for our stories.

In Patna, Kahaanighar is recognized as a space for social research and service extension around childhood. We are being invited for conducting workshops and programs at some forums, schools and institutions. Our Workshops around "Nuances of storytelling", critical thinking, Design thinking have been well considered.

We respect that the Child is right..!

We continue to explore childhood in its varied manifestation since we feel, far before child-rights, ‘childhood in itself is the basic right of every child, which should not be lost either under the weight of carrying bricks or carrying books’ because childhood once gone shall never return. It has to be restored!

Kahaanighar thinks critically…

Kahaanighar nurtures a strong set of social convictions and commitments for a better society of tomorrow while fostering today’s childhood. Lives are being impacted around a quiet and humanitarian occurrence. Kahaanighar believes to create Inspiring examples that a social enterprise can stimulate towards removing the great inequality and huge economic gaps within the sectors of society that stems out of an ignored childhood. Together with friends and well wishers, Kahaanighar thinks critically for connecting the inconclusive stories.

The sole philosophy of Kahaanighar revolves round the belief that Children hold the key to bringing about changes in the future, through the senses of their own identities. Deep religious and social divisions within the Indian society can surely be bridged only when present childhood is developed with attitudes towards positive contributions to the community.

The Sermon..

Social conflicts can be reduced by social education. There has to be opportunities that shall encourage the childhood of today to participate and express their vision. It all may appear as a preacher’s sermon however reforms do not have an earmarked start-up date. 

Effective and sustainable solutions or development initiatives always have to start again and again from scratch. Civilization has proven it several times!

We need you…

The applicability and viability of our thought process seems tiring and challenging as well. But we believe, it is not at all difficult. In the weeks, months and years to follow, without any accompanying support as of now, graduating with our thoughts for building it into a movement, we thrive to attract partners and bring the world closer. We seek your support. Help us, encourage us, and accompany us in our journey!!

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